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Directors Content Logistics Financial Communications Tech Emeriti Event Supervisors

Tournament Directors

Will and Shirley oversee all aspects of the invitational as tournament directors.

Content Committee

The Content Committee is responsible for revising all tests for content, difficulty spread, relevancy, and scorability, as well as working with event supervisors to ensure that all events have the needed materials and setups.

Logistics Committee

The Logistics Committee is responsible for ensuring that all logistical aspects of the competition run smoothly, from team check-in to the event schedule, food, t-shirts, room allocation, event materials, awards, grading, volunteer recruitment, etc.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for landing academic department/company sponsorships, and ordering and tracking expenses.


The Communications Committee is responsible for managing outreach to teams via email and social media, as well as liasoning with administration and students on campus to ensure that all parties are up-to-date about tournament preparations.

Tech Chair

The Tech Chair is responsible for creating and maintaining new tools that aid the team in running the tournament.

Directors Emeriti

After founding and directing the tournament last year, David and Eddie have taken on an advisory role, but still help us organize!

Event Supervisors

  • Sriram Cyr
    Sriram Cyr '19
    Anatomy and Physiology
    Charter School of Wilmington
  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim '21
    Camas High School
  • Claire Dong
    Claire Dong '21
    Chemistry Lab
    William P. Clements High School
  • Emily Cheston
    Emily Cheston '21
    Chemistry Lab
    Rocky Mount Academy
  • Jasper Lee
    Jasper Lee '21
    Disease Detectives
    Princeton High School
  • Kalina Tsolova
    Kalina Tsolova '20
    Disease Detectives
    Department of Molecular Biology
  • Bill Huang
    Bill Huang '19
    Dynamic Planet + Fermi Questions
    West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South
  • Jessica Pan
    Jessica Pan '21
    Morris Hills High School
  • Sarah Perkins
    Sarah Perkins '21
    North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
  • Ben Schiffer
    Ben Schiffer '20
    Experimental Design
    University Laboratory High School
  • Daniela Coronado
    Daniela Coronado '19
    Experimental Design
    Department of Molecular Biology
  • Sarah Liu
    Sarah Liu '20
    Carmel High School
  • Douglas Chin
    Douglas Chin '21
    Game On
    Mark Keppel High School
  • Kyle Xiao
    Kyle Xiao '19
    Game On
    Webster Schroeder High School
  • Jonathan Wang
    Jonathan Wang '21
    Solon High School
  • Yun Teng
    Yun Teng '19
    Camas High School
  • Joyce Gu
    Joyce Gu '21
    Harriton High School
  • Royce Lee
    Royce Lee '21
    Harriton High School
  • Udit Aabir Basu
    Udit Aabir Basu '20
    Department of Astrophysics
  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen '21
    Materials Science
    William P. Clements High School
  • Justin Yi
    Justin Yi '21
    Microbe Mission
    Department of Molecular Biology
  • Doruntina Fida
    Doruntina Fida '21
    Microbe Mission
    Brooklyn Tech High School
  • Vivian Mo
    Vivian Mo '18
    Mission Possible
    Montville Township High School
  • Alex Yue
    Alex Yue '18
    Mission Possible
    Canton High School
  • Katja Vassilev
    Katja Vassilev '19
    Mousetrap Vehicle
    Albuquerque Academy
  • Henry Harrigan
    Henry Harrigan '21
    Mousetrap Vehicle
    Great Oak High School
  • Yanjun Yang
    Yanjun Yang '20
    Millburn High School
  • Kevin Hao
    Kevin Hao '21
    Remote Sensing
    Boca Raton Community High School
  • Wesley Wiggins
    Wesley Wiggins '21
    Remote Sensing
  • Wenyuan Hou
    Wenyuan Hou '21
    Rocks and Minerals
    Bethlehem Central High School
  • Ryan Chen
    Ryan Chen '19
    Brookwood High School
  • Stephen Yan
    Stephen Yan '21
    East Brunswick High School
  • Jessica Ho
    Jessica Ho '20
    John P. Stevens High School
  • Jae Won Oh
    Jae Won Oh '21
    Write It Do It
    W.T. Woodson High School
  • William Li
    William Li '21
    Write It Do It
    John P. Stevens High School
  • Nicholas Yang
    Nicholas Yang '18
    Trial Event: Code Busters
    Department of Mathematics
  • Jeff Xie
    Jeff Xie '19
    Trial Event: We've Got Your Number
    John P. Stevens High School