Tournament Information

Competition Policies

  • All events will be run by Science Olympiad alumni who have medaled at Nationals or the State level, and all tests/labs will be revised by our executive board for consistency, quality and appropriate difficulty spread.
  • All tests and keys with raw score statistics will be made available to teams after competition.
  • Every team will be assigned a homeroom to stay in during competition day.
  • Each team must be accompanied by one unique adult. Schools with two teams must thus be accompanied by two unique adults.
  • The tournament schedule will be based off and adhere closely to the national tournament schedule.
  • All events will follow the national Science Olympiad Inc. rules, as well as clarifications posted at and FAQs posted at For events whose rules or content differ with the level of competition, we will adhere to the rules specified at the regional level.
  • Events will be scored according to the guidelines at
  • We will adhere to the following safety protocols with regards to eye protection and laser usage.
  • Competitors must adhere to the code of ethics and policies outlined at
  • Competitors, parents and coaches may photograph and record videos of their own team's build devices but may not do so for another team without permission. We will have staff photographers take photos throughout the day and post these photos afterwards.

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