Day-Of Information

Tests and keys may be found here.

Final Results: PDF | Avogadro

Tournament Highlights: Find awards ceremony booklet, photos, volunteer breakdown, and more here.

Your feedback is very important to us! Kindly take five minutes to fill this form out. Thanks for a great tournament!


Required Forms

  • Final Team List: One copy needs to be filled per team; schools sending two teams should thus fill out two copies.
  • Vandalism Policy: One copy per school.
  • Risk and Liability Waiver: Each competitor must sign this.

Build/Trial Self-Scheduling

  • Building and trial event self scheduling will be done on Avogadro, starting at 6 PM EST on Monday January 22, 2018.
  • Coach emails have already been added to the system, but you will need to claim your account if you do not already have an existing Avogadro account. Otherwise, you should be able to log in and see the self-scheduling slots.
  • To claim your account:
    • Go to and enter the email address you have been receiving our emails from.
    • Follow the link sent to your email to set your password.
    • Log in and you should be able to see the tournament and self-scheduling. Please indicate which events your team(s) are competing in - by default all events are selected as "Competing".
  • Self-scheduling may only be done on the coach's Avogadro account. Please email us immediately if you are unable to access Avogadro.

Event Information

  • Game On: the Scratch online editor will be run on computers with the following specifications. One audio headset will be available per team. Safari, Chrome, and Firefox are the installed web browsers.
    • Model: Apple Mac Pro (Late 2013)
    • Processor Name: 6-Core Intel Xeon E5
    • Processor Speed: 3.5 GHz
    • Memory: 32 GB
    • Graphics Card: AMD FirePro D500 (2x)
  • Helicopters: McCosh 46 is roughly 42 feet x 50 feet x 18.5 feet. See pictures of event room here and here.
  • Trial Events: We will be running Code Busters and We've Got Your Number. Both alternates and regular team members may compete in trial events.
  • Reminders (as detailed on competition policies page):
    • For events that differentiate content/scoring for different levels of competition, we will be following rules specified at the Regional level, in alignment with other invitational tournaments.
    • Competitors must adhere to the code of ethics and policies outlined at Please respect the event supervisors and volunteers who have dedicated their time to help out, as well as the classrooms/labs on campus. Teams will be held responsible and penalized for any misconduct.


  • Team check-in is at Campus Club from 6 AM - 7 AM.
    • As space is limited, please leave promptly after receiving team folders and wristbands.
    • Competitors must wear the provided wristband in order to compete.
    • Each team must submit the final team roster, and a signed vandalism form + signed liability form (see "Documents" section above) for each competitor. Any team that fails to do so will be disqualified from competing.
  • The awards ceremony will be held in the University Chapel starting at 5 PM. Please arrive in advance so that the ceremony can proceed according to schedule.
  • A campus tour is available courtesy of Orange Key at 3:30 PM. Interested students should report to Frist Campus Center around 3:15 PM.
  • Organizer headquarters and t-shirt sales will be at Lewis 138 following the start of Session 1.
  • As a reminder, a detailed campus map and other important documents are provided in the "Documents" section above. Please look carefully before arriving to campus.


  • The pre-order form has already closed. Shirts will be available for $10 each (in cash) on the day-of outside Lewis 138. Please bring the exact amount of money needed; we do not have spare change.
  • Total payment for pre-orders should be submitted in cash at registration on the day-of, where you will receive your shirts. Please pay in cash for shirts sold on the day-of as well.


  • The pizza pre-order form is now closed. Teams that ordered pizza should pay in cash the morning of registration. If paying by cash is an issue, send us an email.
  • Many restaurants are nearby on Nassau Street, such as Princeton Pi, Qdoba, Mehek, Hoagie Haven, Thai Village, and more.
  • A few vendors will be open in Frist Campus Center as well, which is located central campus.
    • Grill ("Frist Gallery") from 11:30 AM - 5 PM & 11 PM - 3 AM
    • Witherspoon Cafe from 8 AM - 11 PM
    • Convenience Store ("C-Store") from 10 AM - 3 AM


  • In the event of a emergency, call Princeton Public Safety at 609-258-3333. They will be able to contact the appropriate medical responders.
  • In the case of a tournament-related emergency, call tournament co-director William Jiao at 609-721-3845.


  • Arriving by Car:
    • Lots 10, 13, 14, 21, 25, and the North Garage are open for free, as long as you leave by the following morning.
    • A map can be found here or through search on Google Maps.
  • Arriving by Plane:
    • We recommend arriving at either Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) or Philadelphia International Airport (PHL).
    • Both airports are connected by train to Princeton, but EWR is a bit closer.
  • Arriving by Train:
    • Princeton campus is serviced by the "Dinky", which travels between Princeton Station and Princeton Junction.
    • Princeton Station is on campus, and Princeton Junction is a stop on the NJ Transit Northeast Corridor route. You'll need to transfer from NJ Transit to the Dinky to reach campus.
    • Princeton Station is your desired final destination. You can buy a single train ticket to Princeton Station, and keep the ticket when you transfer from Princeton Junction to the dinky.
    • From NYC:
      • Take the NJ Transit Northeast Corridor (NOT Northeast Regional) train from NY Penn Station to Princeton Station, boarding in the Trenton-bound direction.
      • Transfer to the “Dinky” upon arriving at Princeton Junction to continue to Princeton Station. Exact train times can be looked up on the NJ Transit site or on Google Maps.
    • From Newark Airport (EWR):
      • Follow signs for the AirTrain, the inter-terminal monorail. Board the AirTrain for the RailLink station. Upon arrival, head up the stairs to the left and cross the bridge to the train station.
      • From the blue-and-orange machines, purchase a ticket on the NJ Transit Northeast Corridor (NOT Northeast Regional) train to Princeton Station.
      • Board the train towards Trenton. At Princeton Junction, transfer to the “Dinky” train to continue to Princeton Station.
      • Exact train times can be looked up on the NJ Transit site or on Google Maps.
    • From Philadelphia (including PHL):
      • Take the train to 30th Street Station (the main station in Philly).
      • Transfer here to the eastbound SEPTA train towards Trenton.
      • At Trenton, transfer to the Newark/New York City- bound NJ Transit Northeast Corridor (NOT Northeast Regional) train to Princeton Station.
      • At Princeton Junction, transfer to the “Dinky” train to continue to Princeton Station.
      • Exact train times can be looked up on the NJ Transit site or on Google Maps.