Day-Of Information

Tests and keys may be found here.

Final Results: PDF | Avogadro


Required Forms

  • Final Team List: One copy needs to be filled per team; schools sending two teams should thus fill out two copies.
  • Vandalism Policy: One copy per school.
  • Risk and Liability Waiver: Each competitor must sign this.

Build/Trial Self-Scheduling

The deadline to self-schedule has completed and here are the final timeslots. Please contact us by email if there is any issue.

Event Information

  • Wright Stuff:
    • The event space is roughly 30 ft high, and the floor is about 45 x 65 ft.
    • See a picture of the room here.
  • Trial Events: We will be running Science Word and Science Quiz Bowl. Both alternates and regular team members may compete in trial events.
  • Reminders (as detailed on competition policies page):
    • For events that differentiate content/scoring for different levels of competition, we will be following rules specified at the national level - except build events, which will be scored at the regional level.
    • Competitors must adhere to the code of ethics and policies outlined at Please respect the event supervisors and volunteers who have dedicated their time to help out, as well as the classrooms/labs on campus. Teams will be held responsible and penalized for any misconduct.


  • Team check-in is at Campus Club from 6:30 AM - 7:30 AM.
    • As space is limited, please leave promptly after receiving team folders and wristbands.
    • Competitors must wear the provided wristband in order to compete.
    • Each team must submit the final team roster, and a signed vandalism form + signed liability form (see "Required Forms" section above) for each competitor. Any team that fails to do so will be disqualified from competing.
  • The awards ceremony will be held in the Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall starting at 6:15 PM. Doors will open at 5:45 PM. Please arrive in advance so that the ceremony can proceed according to schedule.
  • Organizer headquarters (and t-shirt sales) will be at Lewis 138.


  • The T-shirt pre-order form is no longer available
  • T-shirts can be purchased ($10) on the day of the competition at Lewis 138 after Session 1 is over.
  • Click here to see the T-shirt design.


  • The pizza order form is no longer available.
  • There are many other vendors and restaurants near campus
  • Check the campus map for student favorites.


  • In the event of a emergency, call Princeton Public Safety at 609-258-3333. They will be able to contact the appropriate medical responders.
  • In the case of a tournament-related emergency, call tournament co-director Linus Wang at 650-862-7955.